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we don't like to talk
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At Wray Ward we never stop thinking – never stop evolving – and never stop loving what we do.

For 35-plus years, we've brought this kind of passion to leading brands from energy to automotive products to our specialty in the home and building sector. And our passion not only feeds our abundant creativity. It also infuses our disciplined process that helps the brands we serve reach their greatest potential.

Through it all, we adhere to one simple philosophy: marry strategic thinking with heartfelt creativity and sustain the relationship with (you guessed it) passion.

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but we really
like what we do.
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wray ward

900 Baxter St.
Charlotte, NC 28204
ph: 704.332.9071

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wray ward

900 Baxter St
Charlotte, NC 28204
ph: 704.332.9071

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